Meet Gaby

literally write gabyHi! I’m Gabrielle van Welie, but you should definitely call me Gaby. (Gabrielle is exclusive to paperwork and strangers).

I’m a self-proclaimed content mastermind, born and raised in the Dominican Republic. And before you ask: I have yet to live by a beach.

For the past five years, I lived in what they call the “Greater New York City Area.” I was mostly based in Westchester Countywhere I was attending collegeand in New Haven while I used up my one-year OPT visa (a thing they give students so they can practice what was preached to them).

Currently, I’m back home enjoying some life-threatening heat and packing my bags. My next big move is to Madrid, where a master’s in Latin American literature awaits me. Long-term, I see myself as Dr. van Welie, a comparative literature Ph.D. graduate. (Hopefully not broke thanks to her amazing freelance clients).


But Gaby, this sounds like you just started writing yesterday. Why should I trust you?

I’ve got citations for you. In the shape of a life-progress chart I made real quick on Photoshop:

vectors via Vecteezy

No, but seriously. You can check out my LinkedIn profile for a detailed list of my work experience. However, if you want a summary: I’ve wasted no time getting my hands dirty in this word peddling business.

When I say I offer top-notch content marketing, content writing/managing, and translation services, I’m not kidding!

People have trusted me with their projects since before I had a degree. (Which by the way is a very nice-looking one in writing and communications). And they continue to trust me now, even when they know I’m moving around from place to place and juggling several projects at once.

Why? The reason is simple:

I care about the work you need to get done, that it’s done well and that we stay friends after.

Being a writer is first and foremost about telling important stories. Whatever it is my clients have to tell, I’m committed to helping them say it. And I do so with the same passion and discipline I employ when going about my own storytelling.

To see for yourself, you can find some of my writing samples over here. If you need more, feel free to e-mail me at

And that’s enough about me!

Before you go though:

Let’s discuss the origin story of Literally Write

Literally Write started as a writing peer-tutor gang at our school’s writing center. We were the first cohort of tutors, and nobody was ready for the amazing nerdiness that ensued when all of us were together in a room filled with books.

At this point, we’ve all graduated, and all that’s left is this name. Thus, I’ve decided to give it to the blog, so that our legacy can live on.

Here’s us being camera-friendly:

literally write

And here’s us being normal:

literally write
(The term ‘literally write’ was coined alongside Rachael. She’s the one wearing a pink shirt).

At Literally Write, I aim to make good and simple writing accessible to anyone. Whether you want me to produce it for you or teach you how to write it yourself, the platform is able and ready. If you’d like to keep in touch, feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

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