freelance spanish-english translation

Spanish-English translation with an eye for jargon, colloquialisms, and prose style


Are you looking for professional translations that:

  • Are faithful and accurate?

  • Take language nuances like regionalisms and idioms into consideration?

  • Fit into your target market like a glove?

Look no further if you work with health & wellness or any of the following:

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Literally Write provides quick and pristine Spanish-English and English-Spanish translations. We have experience translating literary work, real estate content, and health documents. Our translations will incorporate themselves seamlessly in your target market. Why? Because we do our homework to manufacture responsive and accurate translations. All you have to do is let us know where your translation is headed, and we’ll make sure it reads as clear as day to your audience.

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Spanish Translation Niche Breakdown:

  • Health & Wellness

    To better serve the Spanish-speaking community of the Bronx, I helped Spring health translate their software. It consists of a medical questionary coded with an algorithm that allows psychiatrists to prescribe treatment for clinical depression.

  • Real Estate/Lifestyle

    I have 1+ years of experience working directly with the leader of real estate content creation, RISMedia. You can find some of my real estate news posts here, as well as my lifestyle blog posts here. While working there, I was in charge of translating real estate infographics for their clients.

  • Language Education

    I blog for Listen & Learn, a platform focusing on providing its clients with language learning support when and wherever. I’ve also worked as a Spanish tutor and have studied French for over 10 years. In 2014, I started TintaExtinta, Manhattanville College’s undergraduate Spanish literary magazine, which I ran for two years.

    TintaExtinta works as a dual language publication, featuring Spanish texts accompanied by small summaries in English. The hope was to encourage Spanish language learners to engage with the magazine and increase their level of command.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    I’m the CEO and editor-in-chief of The Nerd League. We focus on engaging with nerdy pop culture and have been recognized by TV personalities like Ben Barnes and  Jason Isaacs. If you Google “Jughead Jones is the best,” we’re the first thing you’ll see. Covering anything and everything from anime to theatre, The Nerd League is constantly evolving through following the Nerdsphere.

  • Freelance Writing

    Literally Write’s blog intends to help all kinds of writers, not only freelancers. (The blog posts can also be found on Medium). I’ve tutored and taught academic and creative writing for the past four years. During the summer of 2015, I even taught and directed a self-designed writing workshop. My hope is to bring my in-person pedagogy to a digital platform so I can offer guidance and support to emerging writers all over the world.

    Want to read some more writing samples? Check out my portfolio.